Email-Centric Marketing Automation

a fast, easy and convenient way
to collect valuable informations, to cultivate customer relationships

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simplify and resolve

all your data in one page, all you need in one place

we believe that customers' data management should be as easy as working with a single Excel sheet
everything moves around the email addresses, it's the key-field of the internet age personal communication


never lose any important information again, everything will be stored and organized


once your data are in a single place it's easy to see what should be obvious


design your emails and add valuable content within an error prone, device responsive structure


define your target, check everything again and send out your communication


you'll get all the informations back, up to each single click from each recipient


if you can measure something, you can understand it, you can control it, you can improve it

Email: the key to customers

All the data will be collected in a single place, no matter where they come from: website registration, click interactions, mobile apps, ...

Everything will be recorded in a meaningful easy to access format like an Excel sheet, where the first column is the email address of your contact, with no duplicates.

Cockpit: the operations control center

Get a real time overview of your email campaigns, important data and recipient development using the cockpit.

Reports: the map to find the treasure

Cross-campaign performance monitoring, visual link evaluation of click rates on the newsletter interface (Overlay Report), comparative analysis for mailings and target groups, reactions over time and much more

Reports can be conveniently exported in pdf, html or csv format. To be used for presentations or further analysis.

Stuffed full of Amazing Features

This is a non-inclusive smattering of them


Split tests

Email sequence

Email connector




Target groups

Test profiles


Access rights

List properties